Npower: Mobile Money Agent Business As An Exit Package/Register Now

Npower Mobile Money business agent | The authority of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has launched the mobile money agent business as an exit package. If you are a batch A and B beneficiary of Npower, then there is good news for you. Are you ready to get out of the package? If the answer is yes, then read on.

FG has launched the business of SANEF Mobile Money Agents as an exit package, a program previously disclosed as one of the nexit packages for Npower disengaged beneficiaries.

A four-day training program has been launched to identify beneficiaries of mobile money transactions in the Federal Capital Territory and North Central States.


The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Saadia Umar Farooq, had suspended the training on Thursday at the International Center for Women’s Development in Abuja.

In her keynote address, the minister said that the federal government has paid more attention to enhancing the plight of the poor and vulnerable in the country, which she said informed the decision to launch the National Social Investment Program (NSIP) as a strategy to strengthen the social community. inclusion.

Minister Omar Farouk also stated that the Mobile Financial Services Agents Training Program is designed to empower unemployed youth and develop their competencies to work as registered agents for mobile financial services.

The training we are starting today will enable the targeted beneficiaries to meet the minimum technical and business requirements to become a mobile money agent and enhance their entrepreneurial competencies to successfully start and run a mobile money transfer business.

Upon completion of the training, the targeted beneficiaries will be registered at the Joint Agency Network Expansion Facility (SANEF) as cash agents and will be provided with a start-up kit that includes a Point of Sale (POS) machine and fingerprint scanner, furniture (chairs, tables, umbrellas) as well as a modest capital of 20 thousand naira.”

The Minister also thanked SANEF Joint Agent Network Expansion Facilities for their partnership and contributions to the program.

This will enable the target beneficiaries to be registered and qualified upon completion of the training. We also greatly appreciate the support of other stakeholders and their contributions in realizing the President’s vision of lifting Nigerians out of poverty.

We hope it will also enhance the integration of the NSIP by enabling intended beneficiaries to join the network of agents providing financial services under other components of the NSIP. Especially the conditional cash transfer and the grant for vulnerable groups, as well as in the inventory and registration of the target beneficiaries.

The minister later made a token offer of POS machines, umbrellas, fingerprint scanners, furniture and twenty thousand naira seed capital to some of the beneficiaries.

In a goodwill letter, CEO of SANEF Ltd. Ms. Runqi Kui thanked the minister for the partnership, adding that SANEF’s main goals include dealer expansion, stakeholder engagement, financial awareness, and awareness.

Ms. Cui stated that the aim is to empower citizens as an intervention program and to provide employment and livelihood opportunities for citizens.

This partnership with the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development will act as a powerful elixir to further deepen and expand financial inclusion through the agent of banking services to the underserved and underserved, as well as last mile distribution to remote areas reached so far.

Our role in providing financial literacy training and awareness to participants during this program before they join as agents is vital as this will allow participants to learn the basics and dynamics of what they are about to become an important part of.

They are unique partnerships that resonate as key positives in the pursuit of greater development for our communities and we are proud to be a part of this.”

The program is expected to provide employment opportunities for 1,850 selected youths from 36 countries and the FCT as well as promote financial inclusion, by providing financial services to underserved Nigerians.

The Mobile Money Agents Program was introduced in 2020 to sustain the social inclusion agenda of President Buhari’s administration, consistent with the President’s vision of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years.

The meeting was attended by the National Coordinator of National Social Investment Programs Dr. Omar Bendir, National Coordinator of Conditional Cash Transfers, National Coordinator of the National Investment Program of FCT Ms. Chinuendo Amba, and other dignitaries.

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